Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Favourite Toys - Melissa and Doug Play Food

Lana shares:

"Melissa and Doug Play food - especially the Ice Cream set. L loves it! She takes your order, sometimes charges you money for it, and brings you your ice cream as requested. All of the food is good quality and leads to hours of imagination and fun. I purchased the cookie set for her for Christmas and there is also a pizza set that's on my list too!"

Lana, the Ice Cream set must be a hit, another mom mentioned it as well. I have also heard of the cookie set. It is so neat when they can pretend play like that and make real world connections. Those are great ideas for Christmas and good for either gender. Melissa and Doug make great toys and are a definite Mommy Favourite! They can be purchased from many toy stores and even online.

Check out their products at

Thanks for sharing, Lana!

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