Friday, October 8, 2010

Bathtime Favourites - Boon Bath Goods

Kim shares:

"Boon Bath Goods - they are great little foam shapes that stick on the bath tub or the wall when wet. Also it comes with a little scrubber and some floating balls. A loved arranging them and catching them when they floated in the water."

Thanks Kim, I am somewhat familiar with Boon as they make that cute Frog that suctions to your tub and holds your bath toys. I have yet to buy it, but it sure looks cute!

Their website says that Bath Goods are a collection of fifteen bath appliques, 3 balls and two mini-scrubbies. They do not absorb water which therefore reduces the risk of mold and mildew. Sounds pretty neat to me! I know that I constantly squeeze out all of the water in H's bath toys EVERY NIGHT and then worry about what is growing inside of them - so these would be a good alternative.

Toys R Us sell a lot of the Boon products, but I am not sure that they sell this particular one.

If you are looking for some modern designer bath toys - pick this cool pack up for your little one's bath!

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