Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Winter Favourites - Stonz Boots

Allyson sent me this awhile ago, but I thought I would hold off on it until the snow was closer. We had snow here in Barrie last week, so I guess it is time.

Another one of her faves are:

"Stonz - going on the same advice of my chiropractor, she recommended these 'boots' for P's first winter. Most boots are too bulky and cumbersome. A new walker generally can't walk in his/her first winter boots, making outings very frustrating. These thinly lined covers, fit over the child's shoes or booties with a very thin tread to keep them from slipping. The top closes with a drawstring."

Thanks Allyson, I saw these last year and really thought about them, but H wasn't even close to walking yet so I was unsure.

I was just on their website and they offer a lot of other items other than just boots. The mitts look really cool too! Two other perks are that they are a Canadian company (which is also nice to support) and shipping is free too if your order is more than $50.

Check out their products at http://www.stonzwear.com/default.aspx?

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