Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Other Favourites - MagZ BagZ

Maureen shares:

"I Love my Magz Bagz Bag... great fabrics, and totally functional".

I have to be honest, but I had no idea what this was when Maureen first sent it to me. My first reaction was that it was one of those bags made out of recycled magazines or something?? But after checking out their website, I instantly fell in love at first sight. The patterns and colours are AMAZING and that was even before I read that they are:

•Hand crafted in Canada
•Designer fabric throughout
•Laminated 100% cotton fabric
•Mildew (anti-microbial) resistant
•UV inhibitors built-in to lengthen the life of your bag
•Spills and dirt easily wiped away with a wet cloth

The bags come in three different styles: Backpack, Sling and Messenger. From here you can choose from a variety of fabrics, designs and colours. They range in price from $75 to $115.

After spending a bit more time on their website I learned that they must be a very popular product as many fabrics are currently sold out. Good for them; bad for us!

They also offer some other accessories such as a diaper pouch or change pad.

The line seems to be geared towards new moms and diaper bags, but I can see you using this bag after as well.

Check out their cool bags at http://www.magz-bagz.com

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