Sunday, October 3, 2010

Toddler Favourites - Hatley Raincoats

One of Heather E's faves are Hatley raincoats.

"They are great for fall/spring. Completely waterproof, terry-cloth lined, and super-duper cute. R's has brown and black dogs sailing, my nieces' have apples and flowers."

Heather I love the Hatley stuff, especially the raincoats! They have such cute designs and lots of selection. They even have coordinating rain boots and umbrellas to match! This may be something that we ask Nana to get H for Christmas!

Hatley products can be found in many gift shop type of stores and they also sell their stuff online (my favourite way of shopping).

I actually have been searching EVERYWHERE for this one T-Shirt that they make, it is a bear skull and crossbones, but have yet to find it. (Keep at eye out for it please, mommies!)

Check out their products at

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