Monday, October 25, 2010

First Year Favourites - Easy Cover Infant Carseat Cover

Just the other day a friend of mine was asking if I used a snowsuit that first winter with H when he was just first born. I had to really think about what I did. I knew that I bought him a snowsuit his second winter, but I couldn't, for some reason, recall what I used for everyday transporting to here and there in the car when he was first born. Then it hit me - how could I forget one of the best inventions yet? I had an Easy Cover!

The Easy Cover is this great contraption that goes OVER your baby carseat. It is quilted for warmth and has this peek-a-boo opening that you can open for baby to see out or close to protect them from those winter elements. It also had two zippers which made the opening bigger which helped with getting your little one in and out of the carseat. It also has a safe backless design so there is no chance of movement inside of the carseat and it is recommended by Keepsafe Canada. Another great feature is it machine washable. It comes in blue, black, hot pink and light grey.

We LOVED ours and have even lent it out now to two friends!

If you need something to keep your little one warm this winter season and do not want to attempt a snowsuit for trips to the grocery store or friends pick one of these up.

I purchased mine from Serenity Birth Studio here in Barrie, but I am sure you can find them online as well!

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