Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Toddler Favourites - Grab A Scab

I saw this today on one of my discount websites and decided to post it right away (in front of all the others that you wonderful ladies have sent me) before I forget it.

Grab A Scab is a Canadian company that makes fabric sticker patches that come in a variety of colours and designs. They can go on just about anything and are said to be very durable and machine washable. They just stick on, so there is no worrying about ironing or sewing like the patches we are familiar with. They offer a few different collections: Original, Button, Allergy, Safety and Mini Monster. They even custom make scabs for teams or organizations!

Some neat features I found while checking our their site are:
-the allergy ones alert that your child has a food allergy so they would be good to put on your child's lunch bag
-the safety ones are reflective so they would be good for bikes and outdoor clothing
-the more you buy the cheaper they are (e.g., 1 scab is $6.99, while 2 are $11.99, 5 are $27.50 and so on)

Check out their products at

They are a pretty neat idea!

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