Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bedtime Favourite - My BabyZoo Night Light and Sleeptrainer

OK, I saw this night light today on one of my baby discount websites but was too late to get one so I then checked out their website. Here I found two cool products which I think would be helpful for your little one at night.

#1: Turtle Gus Night Light: it is a timer based night light (10, 20 or 30 minute setting) that is safe for your child to take to bed with them. If they wake up all they have to do is press down on the shell and the night light will turn on again. It sells for $19.99 USD

#2: Monkey Sleep Trainer: it is both a digital and an analog clock where the monkey's eyes are open when it is ok for them to get up or closed if it is still sleeping time (you can set the preferred wake up time). It also has a jungle alarm that can be volume controlled and it also can act as a night light. It sells for $34.99 USD.

Right now they are having a special on where you can purchase both for $45.99 (a savings of around $9).

I have not used either product or heard of anyone who has, but they sound pretty neat to me and I think that I will be picking them up for H very soon.

Check them out at

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