Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bedtime Favourite - Sleep Sheep

Andrea shares one of her bedtime favourites:

"It is called the Sleep Sheep. It is a little stuffed animal (white sheep) that plays soothing sounds for babies. It has rain, waves, orca whales and a trickling stream. J loves it to go to sleep. I also use it to calm him in the carseat. He hates the carseat! I have attached a link for you to check it out. I received it as a gift from my sister-in-law but I have seen them at Chapters and Scholars Choice. It is a great gift because a portion of the purchase goes to the Children's Miracle Network so you are giving to a great cause too. There is a large version and a travel size. I have the travel size.

Thanks Andrea! I went to their site and it is sooo cute. I have also seen this guy at Serenity Birth Studio. H has a stuffed sheep, he calls it his "BaaBaa" and he loves it, wish I would have know about this toy when he was little!

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