Friday, August 27, 2010

Other Favourites - Family Chiropractor

Allyson shares:

"I know this is a touchy subject for some, but my chiropractor - Dr. Jilla, has been a huge support for me since P was a newborn. I had back pain from labour that wasn't going away and not only did she help that, but my whole family now swears by her care. She treated me through my pregnancy with A, gave me advice about breastfeeding, and gives me general natural medical advice for the kids and myself. I can't say enough about what she does for our family. A has been seeing her since she was a newborn and it's amazing to see her climb up and lie down, knowing that Dr.Jilla is going to make her feel good. P was a harder sell, because he didn't see her on that level until he was over 2 yrs old. Now he is good to get up there too. With the kids, adjustments just look like a massage at certain pressure points. She is not invasive at all. Just by her touch, she can tell us that the kids are congested or have some other ailment. The practice is totally family friendly with lots of toys and a great atmosphere. There is a massage therapist, nutritionist and acupuncturist on staff as well. We've used them all!"

Thanks Allyson. I know that everyone has their own opinions on this subject, but thank you for sharing your positive experience.

If you are interested in visiting Allyson's chiropractor here in Barrie, just contact me and I can pass on her info.

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