Sunday, August 8, 2010

Favourite Toys - Mega Bloks Cat 3-In-1 Ride-On Dump Truck

We have tried many ride on toys with H and have finally found one that we really like. A friend of ours lent us the Mega Blocks Cat 3-In-1 Ride-On Dump Truck and H loved it immediately. After trying many, we have discovered that you want to find one where the wheels are flush with the side of the vehicle as many are contoured in and H ended up riding over his feet with the wheels.

This one is easy for him to maneuver around and it steers which makes turning very simple. You can sit on it, push it or pull it around - great for all ages and whatever stage they are in. It has a few push buttons which make noises, but actually the one we borrowed is broken so we have never heard the sounds and H loves it anyways.

I just recently saw this toy at Walmart selling for $49.99 but actually just picked one up at Costco for my nephew for $39.99. It also comes with a tiny tractor and some Lego blocks to play with as an extra bonus.

If you are in the market for a fun ride-on toy I would highly recommend this one!

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