Thursday, August 26, 2010

Feeding Favourites - Playtex Cups, Plates and Bowls

Awhile back I wrote about my favourite sippy cup, The Sipster (Stage 1) which was made by Playtex. It was a good one to start with and H still uses this cup for his milk. I have now also moved on to two other styles of cups made by Playtex - The Insulator with a spout (Stage 3) and The Insulator with a straw (Stage 4). Both are a bit faster of a flow than The Sipster, are a bit bigger (9 oz) and are taller and skinnier with no handles. H took to these just as easily as he did with the first one. I can use the cups interchangeably and he doesn't seem to mind. Another nice feature is that they all use the same type of valves (except for the straw model) so this makes washing and matching very simple.

I have also been using their plates and bowls. These come in matching patterns to The Insulator cups (which I love - we have the cars and dinosaurs patterns) and are also BPA free and have rubber rims and bottoms which help prevent slipping. I also like that they are a bit smaller than other plates and fit nicely on high chair and booster seat trays.

All in all I am VERY HAPPY with Playtex's line of cups, plates and bowls and H seems to like them too! If you are looking for tried and true cups, plates and bowls I would highly recommend these!

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