Monday, August 16, 2010

Bedtime Favourites - Fisher Price Tender Lullabies

Allyson has sent me many of her faves (thank you so much!) and here is another of hers:

"The best lullaby CD for us is Fisher Price's Tender Lullabies. These are the CDs you find at the ends of the aisles of stores like Walmart and Shoppers Drug Mart. I can't even find it anymore (I think I've bought them all). But I know you can buy it on iTunes. It is a great going to bed CD. We have played it at least 2 times a day since the day we brought P home. It is just easy to listen to, classical lullabies done well. We had to buy another one when A was born because P was sad that I took away 'his music' (rip my heart out). Now bedtime in our house is the sound of these two CDs playing at different parts (ah, the crazy things we do...)! When I was putting P on a sleep schedule I had the songs memorized and knew that he had not slept long enough if the CD wasn't done because it is almost exactly an hour long! I wasn't lying about being obsessed about his sleep schedule!!"

Thanks Al! I use a CD, Lullaby Classics by Baby Einstein, when H goes down too and it really seems to work. We are even taking up our stereo and iPod to the cottage this weekend so he can have his sleepy music there! (I know about obsessions) I will definitely look for this one - perhaps H can change it up once in awhile!

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