Friday, August 13, 2010

Toddler Favourites - See Kai Run shoes

Another favourite of Allyson's are See Kai Run shoes.

"They make shoes for all sizes, but I used them religiously for P when he was newly walking. My chiropractor highly recommended them saying that new walkers should spend as much time as possible in socks or bare feet. Many 'toddler' shoes are too stiff and the bones in their feet need the freedom to grow and fuse properly. They are adorable shoes in all styles (boots, shoes and sandals). They make shoes for girls as well which are equally adorable, but I found it hard to find nice shoes for boys that didn't have super heroes and dump trucks on them. The resale value is good because they are so popular. I've sold most of P's on Kijiji for more than half of what I paid for them. They generally don't wear out because their feet grow so quickly. Having said that, I would buy them new because once their worn for one foot a different foot will tread differently...It is an American company from Seattle, but worth the shipping and the exchange is great so, go for it!"

Allyson, I've seen this brand while searching online - they make some cute shoes! Since H is just newly walking I will definitely check them out at

**I was just on their website and they are offering $5 off of shipping to Canada until the 16th of August**

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