Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bedtime Favourites - Halo Sleepsack

When H was little (newborn to about 6 months) he slept in a sleepsack. Being a new mom (and a worried one at that) I knew that I did not want to put ANY blankets in his crib in case he suffocated on them. Many friends recommended using a sleepsack instead - and I loved it for the first 6 months. It was loose enough that I wasn't worried about him getting caught in it, but I liked that it didn't have any sleeves and that it stayed on and ensured that he was warm all night. I went for the HALO brand sleepsack that sells at Toys R Us, why? because it was the first one I saw - but I must say that I was happy with it. It wasn't too thick but a nice thin cotton that was perfect for those summer months. By about 6 months he was moving a bit more and not sleeping very well - so I moved him to a blanket. (That story/favourite to come tomorrow!) So, for those first few months, I highly suggest using one of these, especially if you are a worry wart like me!


  1. We used the Halo sleepsack for our little darling too. I love that the zipper zips toward the bottom so it is not catching on baby's chin or face (I have noticed that some of the zippered sleepers are poking into Baby G's face in the morning :( I hate that!)

  2. That's right Steph, that was another reason I loved those sleepsacks! Thanks!


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