Saturday, June 19, 2010

Safety Favourites - Britax Marathon Car Seat

Chris shares another favourite of hers, the Britax Marathon Car Seat.

"...every morning that I strap T in, I think I have to tell Erin this is a huge favourite. Easy to install, T loves it, it fits in the smaller car well, love it."

While doing some research I learned that it:
-can be rear or forward facing
-is side impact tested
-has a five point harness
-has a 65 lb weight capacity
plus a list of 20 other things

It comes in about 14 different fabrics and it looks really comfy. A lot of reviews are out there about this car seat and it comes highly recommended. I found it at Toys R Us for $299, but this would be the only car seat that you would need. Check out its reviews at the Toys R Us website!

Thanks Chris!

Purchasing a car seat is a stressful job...what is your favourite car seat?

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  1. While at a car sear clinic, I asked the instructor what car seat she would recommend. She said this one! Her reasons were that it is easier to install properly, fit the vehicles better and was also very comfortable. This was her overall observation from all the car seats she sees at her clinic.


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