Friday, June 4, 2010

Name Your Tune Personallized Gifts

Maureen also shares:

"Also I love Name Your Tune CD's... You can order a CD for your child where every song has their name in it."

When I visited their site I learned that each CD has 14 songs where your child can hear their name sung up to 80 times. A few of the songs are "If You're Happy and You Know It", "Old McDonald" and "The More We Get Together". You can click on each of these songs, on their site, and listen to a preview. They offer 4200 different name options so it is pretty likely that you will be able to find your child's name. The CDs cost $20 each.

I was actually more exited about the other products that they sell on their website. Personalized blankets, banks, books, lunch kits, wall art, placemats and woodcrafts - very cute items! I really liked the wood stools, the name chains and the personalized art! Actually I really like it all and I can see myself going crazy on this website!

Another great Canadian company!

Thanks for sharing this great site, Maureen!!!!!


  1. I went on this website and checked out their merchandise-I think we may order one of the cds for G's first b-day!

  2. Great stuff, eh? I could buy almost everything from that site... but Bruce won't let me ;)


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