Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Favourite Books - Sandra Boynton

Jillian also shares one of her favourite authors, Sandra Boynton:

", love love her!!! We love reading all of her books but our #1 favourite is "Pajama Time". It has been a bedtime favourite since C was approx 6 months old and was read to each of our children. Boynton typically writes her books with some rhyme and song in it which instantly attracts the child.
Another Boynton favourite is "Moo Baa La La". I received this book when C was born and we read several times a week if not daily. It teaches animal names and their sounds. Our dog will even join in with a mixture of barking/howling when it talks about the dog--hilarious.
And I can't forget to introduce you to "The Belly Button Book". What can I say other than "Belly belly button you're oh so fine...oooh, belly belly button I'm so happy you're mine!" We love our bee-bo's."

Thanks Jillian, you are too funny! We have a few of her books too! I love the rhyme in them!

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  1. FYI - A friend of mine just told me that you can download Sandra Boynton's books as songs - I listened to a few and they very cute!


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