Sunday, June 13, 2010

Just For Moms - Munchkin Baby Sling

Jillian shares:

"I was given a reversible wrap when I had DS and it was the best gift ever!! DS was my third child and the idea of managing a newborn, an active 2 year old and a 4 year old SCARED me! I didn't have enough hands--3 kids and 2 hands-I was bound to lose a child. So when my mother gave me this wrap I was delighted. The wrap can hold a child in 5 different positions depending on the age of the child. So I would have DS sleep in this sling when he was a newborn while I made meals, vacuumed, played with my other children. I even exercised while he was in the wrap sleeping! When DS grew and wanted to look around I changed his position in the wrap and he was able to sit against me and look out at the world while still snug and tight against me. At 6months+ I was able to put DS on my hip as a third position and now even at 18months I still put him in the wrap on my hip. I tend to keep the wrap in my car now so that when I need to run in somewhere and don't want to take the stroller I quickly put DS in the wrap and I don't need to worry about chasing after an active toddler and I have both hands to grab items, take out money or hold onto the hands of the other two children.
The wrap is simple to use and very comfortable. I can carry around 30lbs on my hip for quite some time without feeling any discomfort. It is also available in a SWIMMING version--amazing as baby can be on your hip splashing securely in the water and you still have both hands free to help other children in the water.
A Must have!"

Thanks Jillian, I can't wait to post all of your favourites!

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