Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Other Favourites - Clippopotamus

Maureen shares that one of her favs is Clippos.

"They have great little hair clips, but I love the blanket clips for the car seat and the ones that make any blanket into a breast feeding cover.. brilliant."

When I checked out their site I saw that they offered some neat ways to use clips: bib clibs (like the Kipiis I wrote about in an earlier entry), pant clips (similar to the Dapper Snappers), and some other neat clips like mitten clips, hair clips and a new one I have never heard of before blanket clips.

I think that the blanket clips are such a great idea... they loop around the handle of your bucket seat and then the blanket attaches to the clip end. It keeps the blanket over your baby! Wish I had one of these for when H was little - he was always kicking his blanket off!

Thanks Maureen, this is another great Canadian company!

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