Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bathtime Favourites - Huggies Overnites

Awhile ago we found that every time we put H down at night in a regular diaper he seemed to leak through. That was when I discovered Huggies Overnites. They are nighttime diapers that are more absorbent and made to hold more overnight. Ever since we have been using these we have pretty much been leak free (except the odd night when Bruce puts the night diaper on!)

If you are finding yourself in the same predicament, then I would suggest trying these as your first solution.

A few moms I know have also suggested going up a diaper size, changing the diaper halfway through the night, lessening the amount of liquid your child drinks before bed or putting on two diapers on top of each other as other possible solutions to the night time leaks!

Do you have another remedy? Send it to me at ecurrie33@hotmail.com or add it as a comment below!

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