Saturday, May 21, 2011

Summer Favourites - Sunveil Prampopper

Alison shares a summer favourite of hers:

"I bought a sun screen for the stroller and it is great! It wraps all the way around and is a UPF 40 that wont wipe off! Especially for when we are out and my little guy needs a sleep, I just tip his stroller back and put the screen over, even with the sun on him, he is fine (and the bright sun forces him to close his eyes and then he falls asleep). I have even used it inside in a museum and it sort of blocks out the stimuli and lets them drift off. It is called: Sunveil Prampopper by Sun Savant. I got it at Serenity Birth Studios in Barrie. It is really great for when they are younger than 6 months and should not have sunscreen lotion on them too. It can also go over a pack and play, a backpack carrier that has a top cover. If you get the larger one, it is more versatile. It is machine washable too. You can see it on the Serenity website too."

Thanks Al for sharing, sorry it took me so long to post it! With the nice weather that we had yesterday and are having today this sounds ideal!

I found the Prampopper on many Canadian sites online and it sells for about $40. It comes in white only but it is hand or machine washable. Its large size also makes it perfect for any situation!

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