Monday, May 16, 2011

Feeding Favourites: Ritzy Nurser, Kipiis Bib Clip and Freezer Pods

Here are some more of my friend Tamara's faves!

"Ritzy nurser
The Ritzy Nurser...well this is really stylish, and light weight. I have the licorice swirl one. It is super comfy and not just great for nursing but also covering baby when carrying him in the carrier when he is sleeping. I love it. Normally I don't cover up, but flying with Emirates Airlines (an Arab airline), so it is probably best to cover up.

Kipiis bib clip
The Kipiis bib clip is great cuz you don't need to take bibs with you. Anything can become a bib including a paper towel or serviette at a restaurant. It works like a dentist's bib clip, but gentler and cuter. Very convenient, particularly for travelling which we do a lot of.

Freezer pods
Freezer pods are great cuz you can freeze your baby food in perfect amounts and take as you need. Also BPA free."

Tam, I just love the products and fabrics from Itzy Ritzy. Everyone can check them out at!

I have posted already about the Kipiis Bib Clip and think it is such a neat idea. They can be purchased from Toys R Us for $14.99. I never ended up getting one with H, but perhaps I will with this little one!

I have searched online everywhere, but Freezer Pods seem to only be available in Australia. They remind me a lot of the Babycubes that many moms use here in Canada.

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