Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Favourite Updates - Small Potatoes and Pish Posh Mommy

I wanted to tell you a bit more about two companies that I have recently purchased from.

The first one is Small Potatoes. Like my earlier post on them said, they are a Canadian company based out of Manitoba. From them I had purchased a really cute sun hat for H and a diaper clutch for myself. I just LOVE the hat and so does H. It is well made and is in a cool black and grey guitar print that he just loves. The diaper clutch was nice, but in my opinion not quite big enough to hold a few of his size 4 diapers and a small plastic wipe holder. It kept opening up inside of my purse because it was stretched to hold everything. Needless to say I am not using it anymore and have moved on to using something else (see below).

The second company is Pish Posh Mommy. I have been eyeing their carryalls for quite some time now and finally purchased one (the quickzip model) at half price from one of my baby discount websites. I just LOVE this item! It holds a few diapers for both H and P, wipes and a change pad. It has many little pockets to hold other items as well and it fits nicely into my diaper bag or purse and makes using either with the kids very simple. Just today at the doctors office I only took in the carryall instead of lugging in the whole diaper bag. It keeps things organized and easily accesible. If you are looking for something like this I would high suggest picking up one of these!

Check out either of their websites at:

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