Monday, July 18, 2011

Just for Moms - Coffee

With having a newborn again, I find myself constantly drinking coffee. It's like I crave it - need it! In the morning, I drink it hot, in the afternoon I drink it cold and in the afternoon (if I need it) I drink it hot again!

When I am out on the go the two places I frequent often are Neighbours and (don't laugh) McDonald's.

From Neighbours, I live for their cafe latte. Their large is like an extra-large and for a gas station coffee bar - it is amazing! What I really like about Neighbours is their price - my large latte with a shot of flavour costs no more than $3 compared to Starbucks where it would cost at least twice that. If you haven't tried Neighbours yet I suggest you do - they are located in many Petro gas stations.

From McDonald's, I like their ice coffee with vanilla. Again, a funny place to get a coffee but trust me it is yummy! Right now, all summer, McDonald's has their ice coffee (and pop) any size on for $1. When we are out and about shopping, I cannot resist picking one up for the drive home!

So there you have it - I am a coffee addict and these two places are my weaknesses.

The funny thing is, just as I was writing this, H came over and accidentally spilled my coffee all over the kitchen table where I was working. I am not sure which I am more upset about - the spilled coffee or him wrecking many of Ps birth announcements which were ready to be mailed out? :)

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