Saturday, July 30, 2011

Looks Good - Naked Nursing Tank

I saw something about this tank on a friend's Facebook page and had to look further into it. The company says that a Naked Nursing Tank is a mid-section cover up for the nursing mom. Basically, this is a tank top that you can wear under a regular shirt which allows a mother to nurse by lifting up their top instead of having to worry about wearing a specific nursing top or one that buttons down. The nice thing about this tank is that you can lift up your shirt and still have your stomach covered while nursing.

They are made in Canada from bamboo cotton, come in a variety of styles and colours and cost $49. They are sold in a variety of stores here in Southern Ontario or you can purchase them online from their site.

If purchasing one it is suggested that you purchase according to your pre-pregnancy size.

Check out this neat product at

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