Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer Favourites - Wet Bags

Yesterday I met my girlfriends down at the waterfront so the kids could play in the Splashpad. As I was packing my bag, I remembered (for once) to throw in Hs wet bag that I had picked him up awhile ago. This made me think that I should post about how useful it is and why you all should pick one up.

A wet bag is basically a bag with a waterproof lining that you put your wet clothes in to keep the rest of the stuff in your beach/swim bag dry. They are also great for dirty clothes and supposedly a "must" for cloth diapers. What I really like about them is that the rest of your stuff in your bag (e.g., cellphone, keys, other clothes, etc.) stay totally dry. They are also nice as they are reusable and machine washable (instead of using plastic grocery bags).

I purchased mine online (of course) from one of my discount websites from an etsy company named SnuggyBaby. I am happy with its quality and durability. I have also seen more expensive ones sold on other websites like Itzy Ritzy. The large wet bags from SnuggyBaby sell for about $28 CAN while the large ones from Itzy Ritzy sell for $22 USD. Both large bags measure 14" x 17" and can hold 6-8 cloth diapers (or Hs swimsuit, water shoes, hat and beach towel).

I personally like the Snuggy ones better as they have a larger variety of fabrics (30 choices compared to 4) and they also come with a snap handle so that you can hang the bag.

Check out both companies at:

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