Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Little Girl Favourites - Rufflebutts

OK, I never thought I would be this woman - but after having a little girl I am now obsessed with anything girlie! To go along with this new obsession I have now made a new category - Little Girl Favourites. I feel awful that I never did a Little Boy Favourites with just having H, so I am also going to go through all of my old blog entries and label any that are just for boys to also create a Little Boy Favourites category.

So, another cute company that I have come across since having a little girl is Rufflebutts. They make these absolutely adorable pants,bloomers, one pieces, swimwear, etc. that have - you guessed it - ruffles on the bum!

I just love the little pair of denim jeans with ruffles on the bum pictured above. The personalized bloomers are also very cute!

You can either purchase their products online from their website or try to find them from other online stores (I have tried with no luck yet!)

Check them out at

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