Thursday, June 10, 2010

Other Favourites - OxiClean Baby

As I was doing H's laundry yesterday, I thought of another one of my favourites, OxiClean Baby. A girlfriend of mine suggested it to me a while back, but I wasn't totally convinced about it until recently. I love that it comes in a spray bottle - so just before I throw his clothes in the washing machine I give the dirty areas a quick spray and voila - his clothes come out looking new! No scrubbing, no presoaking - just spray and wash. It works even on clothes that have been sitting dirty in his hamper for almost a week.

Pick up a bottle and give it a try! Or let us know what your laundry tricks are!


  1. We could NOT survive without this stuff! I don't think G has one outfit with a stain on it! We have the box of powder (which was offered for a great price at Costco)and we let clothes soak in a bowl with a scoop of the powder for a day or so-the stain ALWAYS lifts!

  2. Oh, I just noticed this is the baby variation-we have the original OxiClean.

  3. I am sure that they are pretty similar - the baby one just comes in an easy spray bottle. Thanks Steph!


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