Monday, July 4, 2011

First Year Favourites - Snuggin Go

I spend a lot of time worrying about my little ones - do you? One worry that I had with H and I feel it coming up again with P, is about flat head with them spending so much time on their backs or favouring one side over the other. With H I was constantly sneaking into his room and turning his head from one side to the other and each night putting his head at a different end of his crib. Already I see P liking to turn her head one way over the other and I find myself obsessing over it. (I know I am crazy!)

Then, today, I remembered this cool product I saw on last week. It is called the Snuggin Go. Basically this is a device that keeps your baby properly positioned and breathing right in their carseat, stroller, swing, baby seat, etc. It stops their heads from slumping by keeping their heads up and facing forward.

The Snuggin Go is made for children 4 to 30lbs (birth to a 1 year) and another model is also available, the Snuggin Go Too, for older children. The neck and shoulder support is adjustable and it also has leg support for slouching and dangling legs. They come in a variety of colours and are machine washable.

They sell online on their site for $34.95, but their shipping is outrageous (another $19) so I opted to look for them elsewhere. I found one online store, in Alberta, that sells them for $39.95, but only charges $5 for shipping. The store is called Bumblebee Baby and Kids ( When I visited this online store it said that the Snuggin Go was out of stock, but when I emailed the company I was told that more are on their way but that they sell out very quickly. I have prepaid for a black one and will be anxiously awaiting its arrival. Bumblebee Baby and Kids also sells a variety of other unique baby items so be sure to check out their website!

Check out the Snuggin Go website to learn more about their product at

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  1. Thanks for the info on the Snuggin Go, Erin! I just ordered one for the baby.

    Christina Stone


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