Sunday, May 30, 2010

Feeding Favourites - Mally Bibs

Steph shares another favourite:

"Mally bibs-they are leather so they are easy to clean plus they have magnets on them to do them up which means you can hang them on your fridge or dishwasher (so they are on hand when you're ready to feed baby!!!) Apparently, you can get them personalized too!"

Oh my gosh, what a neat idea! I checked out their site as soon as I received this email from Steph and fell instantly in love with the bibs. They are a bit pricy $34.95, but if they last as long as everyone says they do, then I'd be into it. I also think that they are a neat gift. One other thing that I liked about them were that they had a pocket like the Kushies bibs that I use for H.

While perusing through their website I also saw that they sell change purses and art cards....

Check out all of their products at

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