Monday, May 24, 2010

Other Favourites - Kula Klips Belts/ Dapper Snappers

Some friends were over today and we were discussing how often our children's' pants are too big around the waist - and it reminded me of these belts that I had purchased H from the online store He is a bit too small for them still but the two that we have are cute prints: brown with blue monsters and black and white skull and crossbones. When I pulled them out of his closet for a friend to borrow - both of my girlfriends said how cute they were and where did I buy them from? Right now their belts are on sale for $10.00 (reg $15.00)

Discussing the belts also made me think of this other cool product I saw online called the Dapper Snapper and it replaces a belt but hooks around the back loops and tightens the pants from there. These are good for young ones as they often cannot undo their belts so this is much easier for them as it is all done from the back. Their website is Dapper Snappers can be purchased in multi packs of 3 for $26.85 and singly for $9.95. I have not tried these yet, so they cannot be one of my favourites, but they look like a great idea!

If you find that your child is experiencing the same thing check out these two websites!

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