Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Other Favourites - Lovable Labels

Kit shares that one of her favs are Lovable Labels. She says, "..they work great and the iron on ones really stay on, I have hand me downs that are now on their second toddler boy and they still stay on."

When I googled them I found that they are a Canadian company (another perk) that offers a variety of ways to label any item you can think of. Their clothing labels are available in stick on or iron on. What a great idea!

Their website says:

Easy to Apply. Great for coats, snowpants, jackets, cardigans, uniforms, hats, gloves, blankets, etc. Comes with detailed instructions. Iron-on labels are available in pretty and cool colour combos! $19.95 for a pack of 72.

Has anyone else used or heard of these?
Check out their website at www.lovablelabels.ca

(P.S. When I asked Kit what her little K's favourites were she said his yellow rubber boots, diego hat and food - too cute!)

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  1. Thanks for the awesome shout out! We love your website!


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