Saturday, May 29, 2010

Other Favourites - Baby Banz Sunglasses

Steph shares that one of her favs for little G are Baby Banz sunglasses.

Last summer, I borrowed a pair for H but he didn't seem to care for the tight band around his head. This year, I have been keeping my eyes open for a pair for him to try again.

Baby Banz sunglasses come in many colours and are made for children 0 -2. They also come in another size, Kid Banz, which are made to fit children 2 -5. Both baby and kid banz sell for $19.99 Cdn.

Ever since I have seen the option on one of my baby deal websites, I have been on the hunt for a combo of sun hat and sunglasses, but can only seem to find that combo available on their American site, and when I went to purchase them - shipping to Canada was not an option. Boo!

Another thing I learned while visiting their websites are that Banz is now making goggles, hats, swimwear, shoes and more!

Check out their sites:
Canadian -
American -

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