Saturday, May 29, 2010

Favourite Toys - Discover Rig by Sprig Toys

Today we had a few friends over and I was reminded of another favourite - this toy car that my parents bought for H. The two 3 year old boys who were here today just loved running around the yard and pushing it.

There are a lot of neat things about this toy:

#1: It is made of out Sprigwood - a durable, child-safe, bio-composite material made from bits of reclaimed wood and recycled plastic.
#2: It is paint free as no decorative paint is needed on the assembly line because they dye Sprigwood during the production process.
#3: It is designed in Colorado, but made in Canada.
#4: It is kid-powered, so no batteries are needed. When a child rolls the Discover Rig forward, it triggers the generator that fuels the lights and sounds.
#5: It has a two level push bar which grows with your child.
#6: It has three play modes, Search (lights only), Rally (lights and motor sounds) and Adventure (lights, motor, dialog, sound effects and songs)
#7: Other characters can be bought for this truck that tell a different story than the one that it came with.

H loves to crawl while pushing it around and he watches the light come on and listens to the music. I can see that once he starts really moving, this will be a fav of his for sure! Daddy also really likes it too! ;)

In a time where it seems that ALL of their toys take batteries, this is a neat alternative that will really get your child moving.

The Discover Rig can be purchased online at for $39.99 or from Homesense for $29.99.

Check out this toy and the many others that Sprig makes!

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