Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just for Moms - The Mommy Hook

Monica and I agree on this next favourite - The Mommy Hook.

Monica says, "This hook is perfect for when you are out shopping with the kids and there is no room in the stroller to put your bags. You just clip it to the handle of the stroller. Very convenient and works well to hold a diaper bag also."

I couldn't go shopping without this clip on my stroller, it just made carrying your bags so much easier. It fell off once in my trunk and I was lost in the mall without it!

This is a definite MUST HAVE!


  1. I love the idea of the mommy hook, especially when you have multiple children, multiple coats and bags etc etc.. Your stroller can become a totally disorganized mess-I've been there.
    But I always had an issue with the price of it.
    So luckily for me one day while witnessing me trying to juggle 3 kiddies a friend (who also is a daycare provider) gave me a "S" hook from IKEA. These hooks are actually used for pot racks. They are sold in a bag of a dozen and for a fraction of the price!!
    Now I will admit that it is not as secure as the mommy hook but I have never had an isse of coats or bags falling off. It is small and cheap enough that you can carry several of them in your stroller, in your purse and not worry if you happen to lose it.

  2. Thx for another great alternative to the mommyhook!


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