Thursday, May 20, 2010

Other Favourites - Baby Trend Phantom Sit N Stand Duo Stroller

Monica shares:

This is a Baby Trend Phantom Sit N Stand Duo Stroller. It’s great if you have 2 kids close together. The baby’s car seat clicks into the front side for when they are infants and then they can just sit in the front once they hit about 6 months or so. The toddler can choose to sit or stand behind. When I had my second child, my first was 19 months and she didn’t always love sitting in the stroller but she liked that she had a choice. It was great. She is now almost 3 and my second is 16 months and I still use it. When my oldest gets tired, she just hops in and away we go. If she gets really tired she sits. I highly recommend it!

Thanks, Monica, what a neat idea for two kids! Check out Babytrends products at

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