Saturday, May 22, 2010

Other Favourites - Online Shopping Websites

A facebook friend of mine introduced me to these websites where they have a daily deal that is usually on for half price. Different companies place their products on these sites either to advertise or to get rid of extra items. The items are usually baby/kid related, but occasionally there are things on there for moms.
The first three sites offer daily deals that are posted in the morning and are on a first come first get basis. Usually they are sold out in the first hour or so.... one night a site was so busy that it took me over an hour to complete my order. (It was for squeaky shoes and they were so worth it!) The last site offers a new deal as soon as the old one sells out, sometimes there are like 5 deals a day! New deals are even posted on the weekends!
I have become addicted to these websites and even have to check them (when I can) from work. So far, I have purchased H some toys, a belt and some really cute shoes. They also list the company's website, so I find I check out what else they offer (at regular price) and end up purchasing stuff that way too!
Some items return again and again and I am anxiously awaiting the return of the Baby Banz hat and sunglasses combo - for awhile they were offered every week, but they sell out so quickly that I can never get to them.
Check them out and happy shopping! - new deals posted at 10am - new deals posted at 11am - new deals posted at 11am - new deals posted at any time

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  1. I just realized that by posting these sites I have just added more competition for myself for the deals... :)


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