Saturday, May 22, 2010

Un-Favourites - Pampers Dry Max

OK, so most of you have heard about our incident with the new Pampers Dry Max but for those of you who didn't - here is the short version. About three weeks ago I opened a new box of Pampers Cruisers with Dry Max. Within a couple of days H's bottom was getting quite red - my daycare provider and I both chalked it up to a diaper rash, but as the week progressed it was getting redder and redder and nothing seemed to be helping it. On numerous occasions we both said it looked more like a burn than a rash (no red raised bumps) and it was now running from his back all the way to above his genitals - right where the diaper sat. By the weekend it was worse, so I was googling home remedies for diaper rash when I came across tons of articles and comments from parents that their babies were experiencing the same thing and they were also wearing the new Pampers. Immediately I ran out and purchased some new Huggies diapers and also contacted, via email, both Proctor and Gamble and Health Canada. (We also took pictures to document his reaction to the diapers.) After day 2 in Huggies, his bottom was looking much better, but it was now starting to peel. A few days later the new and very delicate skin started to bleed. Last week, it was still not any better, so I took H to the doctor who confirmed that it was a burn he was experiencing and they suggested to coat the area in tons of Vaseline. Now less than a week later - it is healed (minus a few scars that will take a bit longer). In the midst of this, I eventually heard back from Pampers and they denied that their diapers were the cause and suggested many reasons for a diaper rash (duh!) and they also told me that they would be sending me some coupons for my troubles in the mail. I contacted them back stating that I have never known a diaper rash to peel before and that I would be waiting for a lawyer to take on the case (I also told them what to do with their coupons). Still waiting to hear back from them again. All in all, we are so angry that the company is still denying the issue and that many babies out there will continue to be chemically burned by these diapers. A law firm in Toronto is now taking on the case and I am considering contacting them. Please pass on this information to all parents that you know. So far, only Pampers Cruisers contain the new Dry Max technology - so those using their other brands should be OK.

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