Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bathtime Favourites - Eucerin Cream

Another favourite of Monica's:

This cream works really well if you have a baby or child with sensitive skin but especially if you are dealing with eczema. Shortly after one of my daughters was born, she developed really bad eczema (due to a milk allergy which we later found out). I kept going back to the doctors because the cream that they gave me (hydrocortisone) was not working. We started with a 0.5% cortisone cream and before we knew it we were up to a 2% one with some mixture of another cream and it wasn’t working. We saw a pediatric resident doctor, that happened to be working with my family doctor at the time and he recommended using Eucerin cream 3 times a day until the eczema became controlled and then to use it daily after a bath. It is very thick and kind of lard-like but it gives the skin a protective coating and keeps it hydrated. Today, you would never know that my little girl ever had any skin problems. Her skin is super soft and perfect. By the way, it is also good for dry cracked hands.

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